Eğitim / Courses


Atayurt Private High School’s application for the multi-lateral Comenius Partnership Project named “How Everybody Remembers Meaningful Enjoyable Sights” was held to Turkish National Agency in January 2009 and the application was accepted in August 2009. Then the Project coordinator Serdar MERCAN has started to work for the Project. First he chose Atayurt Private High School Comenius Project Team and then they started to make the preperations for the first comenius Project held in Turkey.

The main goals of the project can be gathered under the topic of cultural integration and dialogue. The special goals of the Project are to help students to tell their own culture to the other partner countries by using target language English, to make the plans for the organizations, and to use the ICT equipment usefully for the Project work.

The First Project visit was performed on 22nd-27th October 2009 in Turkey and 24 teachers and students from Germany, Italy, Hungary, Greece and Spain visited our country. In the first comenius Project held in Turkey, Atayurt Comenius Project Team showed the beautiful sights of Turkey to our guests on-site and performed a folk dance show which shows Turkish culture and customs.

The Comenius Project covers the years 2009-2011 and it will last for two years. During these two years period Atayurt Comenius Project Team will visit these countries in an order 17th-22nd March 2010 Spain, 18th-24th April 2010 Italy, 14th-21st October 2010 Germany, 4th-10th April 2011 Greece and will perform the Project Works.