Eğitim / Displays lesson

In the process of continuous basic education of eight years, an extensive English teaching programme is applied from kindergarten through all grades of elementary school.

The aim of teaching English in kindergarten and first, second, third grades is to start English teaching successfully with the idea that ''learning English is fun'',to create foreign language awareness,to make the students sensitive to foreign languages, to form the necessary basis to enable them to learn English as a language of international communication in an entertaining way by acquaring correct methods and to pave the way to understanding different cultures for our students.

In this way ın order to make the lessons entertaining and enjoyable, our lessons are set up on the basis of 'fun'.To make the motivated student learn more affectively and permanently,we use visual and auditory materials and drama extensively in our lessons.

Our goal in 4.and 5.grades is to teach English grammar subjects suitable for their level and age with visual and auditory materials in order to engage the students ,to practice the subject with the activity book and to make them use English in real life. At the same time, we also use the books of the Ministery of Education to prepare them for SBS.

The main goal of teaching English in 6th.7th. and 8th. grades is to teach English relating to the daily news and by using listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills effectively. Also the students are prepared for the exams held at the end of the second term. When preparing the students for SBS the subjects in the books of the ministery of education are studied and courses, bulletin boards and performance works are made. In these classes in one hour of an eight hours teaching English programme,we focus on reading books suiatable for their levels and appeal to them. Also some other activities are done with the teachers which improve their speaking abilities.We also have an hour of video lesson to help students speak.

In addition to the above, in each level :

  • There is preparation of a portfolio.
  • For our students either in or out of class, students have the opportunity to practise English with a native Canadian teacher.
  • Students are able to attend a summer school abroad with the aim of increasing self confidence and providing cultural exchange by using a language in its home country.
  • We choose colourful and updated books according to the levels and the interests of our students.
  • For students who need repetition and reinforcement ,weekend courses, study time and office meetings are arranged.

On the other hand, our primary school students take Cambridge ESOL exams to improve and see their English level. Every year, lots of students take these exams and get their certificates of achievement.

During the Foreign Language Week at the end of the year, we display activities and performance that we did both inside and outside the classroom throughout the year to the parents.


Atayurt Private High School & Science High School's Foreign Languages Department aims to educate contemporary individuals who can safely communicate orally and written at the end of 4-year education. Taking language education as a whole four basic language skills, listening, speaking, writing, reading skills' development are targetted. Textbooks and materials which are suitable for this purpose are used. Nowadays, the continuous improvement in the international marketing, our graduates' knowing English for transcending the cultural differences and language barriers is gaining importance. Therefore; our main goal is to make our students acquire English skills for their future education and career.

Atayurt Private High School & Science High School believes that while learning English, our students acquire different literature, culture, and knowledge which will give them endless possibilities and opportunities in their future life.

During the English lessons- we sometimes make the students active to encourage them to do something in English by themselves - by means of their teacher's control. So our students can feel more comfortable to use the things they have already learnt. This has been enjoyable for them - as well.

Our high school students take some international exams like AFS, YES, ISE in order to have an education abroad for a year and to meet foreigners, to learn their culture and traditions, and so as to participate in global peace.